About Me

hi! :)

I’m a 20 years old Fighter with a Dirrty mind. I’m Stronger Than Ever because I trust the Voice Within. I’m also a Little Dreamer and a 'Blank Page waiting for life to start’. I hope you know that ‘we are Beautiful no matter what they say’.

 I love music.  ~ Queen ~ Michael Jackson ~ Bon Jovi ~ Christina Aguilera ~ Adele ~ PCD ~ Bruno Mars ~ Maroon 5 ~ Carrie Underwood.

*sport *Manchester United *Chelsea *Petr Cech *Formula 1 *Ferrari *Massa

Pretty Little Liars & F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & Grey’s Anatomy & HIMYM are my all-time favourite series..

"we all got a song that we’re ment to sing."

Gerard ButlerBradley CooperPatrick Dempsey

I love talking with my followers so don’t be afraid to write me! :)